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Impact of Covid-19 and needs of digital transformation to protect assets from corrosion

According to estimates, the virus slowed global economic growth in 2020 by roughly -3.2 percent on an annualized basis. Economic growth in most countries decreased drastically in the second quarter of 2020, swiftly rebounded in the third quarter, and has been largely positive since then. 

The Threat to Pipeline Integrity from Soil Corrosion

The corrosion aggressiveness of soils and other areas has been a topical problem in transmission pipelines (both gas and hazardous liquids). Despite following best practices, corrosion and mechanical failures can still occur during operational, testing, and even construction phases, which may lead to loss of containment.

Application of big data analytics to energy pipeline corrosion management

Organisations around the world agree on the capability of analysing and using large and complex datasets which can give a significant competitive advantage in the 21st century in almost every field. The use of big data by the companies could be a smarter and more creative approach which has not been considered by pipeline companies

Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) is a threat to Pipeline Integrity Management?

In stress corrosion, most of the surface usually remains intact, however, fine cracks appear in the microstructure, making the corrosion hard to detect. The cracks typically have a brittle appearance and form and spread in a direction perpendicular to the location of the stress.

Corrosion behaviour of 304L NAG and 310L NAG in Nitric Acid

Austenitic stainless steels (SSs) have been used as structural materials for various components in the aqueous reprocessing plants. These alloys are widely used in nuclear-spent fuel reprocessing and waste management plants and the process fluid is nitric acid at temperature up to a boiling point.

An overview of energy pipeline integrity management, and future asset management strategies

Gas pipeline integrity management is to ensure a gas pipeline is free from incident in its operation, and also to ensure that any anomaly or defect does not have an effect on health, safety, environment, business loss, company reputation, or production and financial loss.