Roadmap to ISO 55000 Alignment and Compliance

Road to ISO 55000 Compliance and Certification process is a journey and it must be starting on the right foot to work towards compliance in Asset Management System. 

ISO 55000 is a certification standard, which means that organisations can be formally assessed and independently certified as meeting the standard’s standards. 

ISO 55000 is the internationally recognised standard for asset management. It identifies the best-practice aspects of an organization’s asset management system that should be in place to ensure that assets are properly managed and that the organization’s goals are met.

Compliance to ISO 55000 certification is a strong indicator that a business is well-run and credible, minimising the need for lengthy due diligence. Having ISO 55000 certification in Asset Management can go a long way in helping organizations and enterprises with enhanced asset performances. It denotes the importance of asset management.

We at AMCO Integrity Pty Ltd use ISO 55000 as a measurement framework, however, our measurement tools and assessment go even farther, incorporating other standards, practises, and our asset management and maintenance management knowledge.

We at  AMCO Integrity Pty Ltd take our clients to align their organization with the Asset Management (ISO5500X) standard.

A maturity or gap evaluation is usually the initial step towards alignment or certification against ISO 55001. This assessment will result in a roadmap and/or detailed implementation plan for asset management improvement that is aligned with the ISO 55001 good practice criteria. 


This improvement plan will, as a general rule, include actions that address each of the elements listed below. Due to the fact that our strategy is personalized to your individual scenario, we may recommend adding or removing certain parts as needed.

  • Leadership and Culture
  • Asset Management Awareness
  • Foundation Documents (including asset management objectives, Strategic Asset Management Plan and asset management plans)
  • Asset Management processes and decision-making criteria
  • Organization structure, roles and responsibilities
  • Asset Management knowledge, information and supporting technologies
  • Asset Management competence (including training and on-the-job coaching and support)
  • Measuring Asset and Asset management performance and condition
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Operational Readiness
  • Maintenance Management
  • Change management
  • Work Management

With the systematic strategy to certify against ISO 55001 Compliant AMS, AMCO Integrity Pty Ltd can assist your organization get started on the right foot in working towards ISO 55000 compliance (or alignment or certification). 

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