Pipeline Condition Prediction

Energy Pipeline around the world are becoming older and hence more prone to failure. The failure of critical gas pipes has become a global issue and it represents a major challenge for operator as it results in very high capital, social and environmental costs. AMCO Integrity Pty. Ltd helps clients to address the problems in critical pipes by identifying the current condition and predict the condition for future use.

  1. Data Collection
  1. Data Processing and Management
  1. Trend Analysis and Correlation Analysis
  1. Degradation Modelling
  1. Prediction of Anomaly Growth

Individual anomaly growth will be predicted using the above models. Then, ASME B31G and Modified ASME B31G will be applied to show all anomaly growth processes year by year. Each section’s degradation progress will be presented in AMCO Integrity Pty. Ltd  final report.

The Overall Findings:

  • The most important external corrosion mechanisms of the pipeline identified
  • Anomaly matching analysis approach
  • Direct correlation analysis results
  • Anomalies identified and their growth in depth and size
  • Prediction of each anomaly growth and pipeline condition prediction based on the prediction of each anomaly progress

We can modify the outcome as per project or client requirements. Before we start any project, we sit client pipeline engineers and define the scope of work to meet their targets. 

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