• Our Vision

    AMCO vision is to be widely regarded as: a world-class by providing our clients the highest levels
    of Metallurgical Services, meeting their expectations, guaranteeing their satisfaction.
    AMCO is recognized for its commitment in delivering its services…

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  • Our Core Values

    With our eye on a common future and sharing the pleasure of success together as
    a Metallurgical Consultant, we are honest and passionate in our consulting work
    as we seek our clients real needs for customers….

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  • Research & Development

    AMCO has excellent expertise through its in-house R&D, plant service/technical
    consulting and project management experience and links with plant manufacturers,
    plant operators, service providers and researchers from around the world.

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Our Introduction

AMCO Integrity Pty. Ltd is an independent company registered in Australia. It is a highly innovative engineering and consulting company engaged in state of the art R&D and product development in the energy sector, including renewable and small scale energies, and in high temperature plant issues in general.

AMCO is an International Company engaged in Plant Life Assessment /Extension, Stress Analysis,  Technology Development, Plant Cycling, Crack Assessment, Risk Based Maintenance, Probabilistic  Assessment, Fitness-for-Service Assessment, Training, Consultancy, Asset Integrity Management, Corrosion Management, Corrosion Loop Identification, Single Point of Failure Analysis, Reliability Engineering, Project Management, Asset Integrity, Mechanical Testing, NDT Services, Turbine Assessment, Materials Selections, In-Situ Metallography, Condition Assessment with over 25 years experience.

AMCO provide these services to oil, gas, mining, refinery, LPG plants, petrochemical plants, food industry, fertilizers,  manufacturing, construction, defence, automobiles, general  industry and power sectors including companies, contractors, project management companies,  government and other public bodies.

AMCO is pre-qualified with most of the major Power Plants, Fertilizers, Refineries, Sugar, Cement, Textile and Oil and Gas companies in the Europe, North  America, Japan, Middle East and Far East.

The objectives and specific fields of activity of the company are as follows:

1) AMCO helps plant owners and operators to deal with plant materials issues such as which components made from which materials may crack or experience damage and how to reduce or prevent such damage, repair such components or replace them with which new materials.

2) AMCO helps and guides industry to understand and solve problems related to plant operation, maintenance, inspection and monitoring.

3) AMCO provides consultancy in plant component integrity and life determination and extension.

4) AMCO helps industry to improve plant efficiency and thus save costs by adopting, or making improvements in, plant inspection, maintenance etc.

5) We can calculate stress levels in components using sophisticated software and Finite Element analysis.

6) We provide consultancy in Fitness-For-Service (FFS) i.e. if a particular component showing some problems is fit for service and for how long it can safely operate before it is repaired or replaced.

7) We help plant operators to plan plant outage in terms of inspection prioritisation etc. This is done by our own procedure and software called ‘Risk fit’. This procedure helps plant owners/ operators to prioritise component inspection on the basis of risk imposed by each component. The risk is quantified in terms of the component cost, its risk to the workers health and safety when it fails and such other factors. Thus a risk factor is given to each component and those at highest risk are inspected first.

8) AMCO can help plant designers and manufacturers to improve their plant design.

9) AMCO is familiar with various national and international standards and codes (European, British, German, ASME and Japanese) for plant design and integrity assessment and provides guidance to its clients in this area.

10) AMCO also provides guidance to plant designers and manufacturers on which materials and weld consumables are best to use.