• Maintenance Strategy Development

    AMCO Integrity Life Assessment
  • Our Introduction

    AMCO Integrity Pty. Ltd is an independent company registered in Australia. It is a highly innovative engineering and consulting company engaged in state of the art R&D and product development in the energy sector, including renewable and small scale energies, and in high temperature plant issues in general…

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  • EDSE Technology

    The Electric Discharge Sampling Equipment (EDSE) was developed by our UK based partner in collaboration with international partners to aid in the condition and life assessment of components. The sampling of in-service components has long been seen as an effective way of determining actual material properties and sub-surface material

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  • Portable SFM Technology

    The Portable Scanning Force Microscope (Integrity-Scanning Force Microscope) has been developed for early stage damage detection such as creep cavitation (especially in P91 & P92 steels) which will not be found using traditional replication techniques.…

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  • Obikou

    Obikou is an on-site service for power, process and other high temperature plant and has shown to achieve creep life extension by a factor of about 4. It simply involves quickly reinforcing a potentially vulnerable or creep damaged pipe with multiple layers of thin high-temperature alloys strip that is wound/wrapped around a pipe thus halting/ reducing the development of creep damage….

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  • Research & Development

    AMCO has excellent expertise through its in-house R&D, plant service/technical
    consulting and project management experience and links with plant manufacturers,
    plant operators, service providers and researchers from around the world.

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Most maintenance improvement initiatives today are functional in nature. Managing assets strategically involves every function in the plant working towards the same goals. Operations and maintenance are rewarded for creating and utilizing the capacity of their units. Many companies have recently implemented reliability initiatives geared toward optimizing the maintenance function at their plants. Some are successful; however, most will admit they did not realize the expected benefits. The Five Step Process to Developing Asset Strategy

1. Define the Problem
2. Analysis and Process Mapping
3. Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA)
4. Initial Asset Strategy
5. Institutionalise the continuous improvement process and make it visual

The key requirements of successful plant-wide reliability improvement are these:

• An analysis of the potential production available in the plant based on best demonstrated performance and operating characteristics of best performing plants
• Quantified current operating rates of each units, and goals for improving these rates
• A business case with a three-five year horizon which identifies expectations for costs and production based on improvement efforts.
• A multi-year plan that identifies the types of changes in practices and measurements needed to achieve the goals
• A keen understanding that every function works interdependently to management equipment health
• Accountability for delivering these results, transcending annual budget cycles

We at AMCO Integrity Pty Ltd take our clients through the development of a sound Maintenance Strategy meeting their business requirements, maintenance budget and proven methodologies.

Today maintenance managers have huge pressure due to low producation and increasing cost, AMCO Integrity Pty Ltd  can assist. We provide a wide range of maintenance strategies and reliability management services. Our maintenance experts can support:

  • Study current maintenance strategy and history to find the Most suitable maintenance improvement opportunities
  • Preventive maintenance strategy development
  • Predictive maintenance strategy development
  • Enterprise Asset Management Strategy Development
    Maintenance Audit and/or Maintenance Management System Audit
  • Equipment criticality analysis
  • Operational risk assessment
  • Conducting Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • Conducting Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)
  • Performing Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) Analysis
  • Doing Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) of Equipment Failures 

AMCO Integrity Pty Ltd provides a wide range of maintenance strategies and reliability management services.

  • Carry out an analysis of operational requirements and constraints
  • Identify all plant asset, equipment and components
  • Validate what assets you own
  • Identify the criticality of component/equipment
  • Study maintenance and inspection history
  • Undertake FMECA for critical plant to ensure failure modes are being addressed by the preventive maintenance strategy
  • Determine the appropriate strategy for each equipment eg. run to failure, condition based, time based etc
  • Develop optimised maintenance strategies
  • Eliminate actions that do not meet the business requirements
  • Compile appropriate actions in to like categories based on trade type, frequency, access etc
  • Develop the PM schedule considering your resource plan and capacity
  • Export the data ready for load up into your asset management information system.