• Asset Integrity Services

  • Our Introduction

    AMCO Integrity Pty. Ltd is an independent company registered in Australia. It is a highly innovative engineering and consulting company engaged in state of the art R&D and product development in the energy sector, including renewable and small scale energies, and in high temperature plant issues in general…

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  • EDSE Technology

    The Electric Discharge Sampling Equipment (EDSE) was developed by our UK based partner in collaboration with international partners to aid in the condition and life assessment of components. The sampling of in-service components has long been seen as an effective way of determining actual material properties and sub-surface material

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  • Portable SFM Technology

    The Portable Scanning Force Microscope (Integrity-Scanning Force Microscope) has been developed for early stage damage detection such as creep cavitation (especially in P91 & P92 steels) which will not be found using traditional replication techniques.…

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  • Obikou

    Obikou is an on-site service for power, process and other high temperature plant and has shown to achieve creep life extension by a factor of about 4. It simply involves quickly reinforcing a potentially vulnerable or creep damaged pipe with multiple layers of thin high-temperature alloys strip that is wound/wrapped around a pipe thus halting/ reducing the development of creep damage….

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  • Research & Development

    AMCO has excellent expertise through its in-house R&D, plant service/technical
    consulting and project management experience and links with plant manufacturers,
    plant operators, service providers and researchers from around the world.

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AMCO Integrity Pty Ltd’s Asset Integrity Services assist clients in making informed decisions on the operation and maintenance of their plant and to manage the risks their operations place upon the assets they own or operate. The benefits can include:

  • Improved safety and reliability
  • Reduced downtime
  • Scheduled repair or replacement
  • Cost savings

AMCO Integrity Pty Ltd Asset Integrity Services provides information on the condition of a component under ‘current’ and ‘planned’ future operating conditions enabling the operator to plan for the remaining life of that component.

AMCO Integrity Pty Ltd Asset Integrity Services offers an array of tools, skills and techniques for  assessment and analysis of component  integrity in:


  • Design and life assessment
  • Defect assessment
  • On-line monitoring
  • Life extension


Structural Integrity:  covers a broad range of services aimed at assessing the fitness for service of plant and equipment subject  to  thermal and/or mechanical loading under  steady state or  transient conditions.

Design code and life assessment: A key activity of  Asset Integrity Services is in the area of fitness-for service  assessments of a range of plant and equipment. Assessments of this type may be performed on new plant entering service or on existing plant where changes  in service are planned or as a result of degradation of the component.

AMCO Integrity Pty Ltd familiar with Australian, British, European and ASME standards and can provide assessments for:

  • Temperature distributions
  • Mechanical & thermal stress levels and distributions in structures subjected to transient and/or steady state loading
  • Dynamic response of components, including natural frequencies & mode shapes
  • Stress concentration factors, particularly used for assessing grind-out repair of small defects
  • Life prediction under creep and/or fatigue conditions.